"Angel with a Broken Wing"
Season Season 1
Episode Number 4/10 (004)
First Broadcast August 20, 2013
Episode Chronology
Previous The Blue Devils
Next Double Jeopardy

Angel with a Broken Wing is the fourth episode of The CW's Capture.


The first to arrive at the advantage point gets to sabotage another team. The sabotage is a virus that will trigger an alarm. The virus can be passed.


Day 7Edit

The Blue team tries to bargain with other teams by offering toothpaste in exchange for food. James and Rebecca, are done with being bullied so they begin plotting their revenge.

Antoine and Kareem are selected as the hunt team. The hunt begins. The Teal team uses a looking glass to see what's going on, they notice the green team is near and dart in another direction. They successfully avoid the green team.

Later, the advantage point opens, the Lime team, James and Rebecca , gets to it first and sabotages the Blue team. The Blue team is upset, and the Green team is nearby. They hear the alarms and attack and capture the Blue team. Shane collapses and is taken away by medics. Eric is escorted to jail alone.

The other teams arrive at camp and are excited to see that Eric and Shane were caught. They applaud the green team. The green team invites Chris and Nick to the hunters den. Other teams notice the alliance between the green and gold team.

Day 8Edit

The hunt begins, during the hunt, the supply station opens again. Chris and Nick go to it along with Sabrina and Noelle. They all enjoy pizza and beer. Sabrina and Noelle leave early, hoping the hunt team wont catch them.

When the hunt team arrives at the supply station, Chris and Nick tell them which way the black team went. The green team catches up with them and captures them.

Back at camp, Shane walks back to the jail cell on crutches, but he will be cleared to compete again in a few days, he keeps this information from the other teams. The alliance plans to eliminate Sabrina and Noelle, because the Blue team is weaker now.

At the elimination ceremony, Eric makes fun of other teams. He suggests Chris and Nick come out of the closet, that Matt and Kaliesha go to counseling, and that Antoine and Kareem read more.

In return the Gold, Green and White teams smack talons down to eliminate the Blue Team. Followed by the Lime team, where James delivers the most epic speech thus far about 'killing your bullies with kindness' and then proceeding to admit that himself and Rebecca sabotaged them and now are sending them home. 

Blue Team is eliminated in a 4-0 vote.


Third Elimination
Eric and Shane(4 votes)
Matt and Kaliesha, Chris and Nick, Antoine and Kareem,
James and Rebecca
Sabrina and Noelle (0 votes)
No Votes
Arlynn and Kirsten, Nikita and Jade, Rob and Jacob (Did Not Vote)
EricandShane B&W
Eric and Shane

Final WordsEdit

Still in the RunningEdit

Antoine and Kareem
Arylnn and Kirsten
Chris and Nick
EricandShane B&W
Eric and Shane
James and Rebecca
Marlina and Kellee
Matt and Kaliesha
Nikita and Jade
Rob and Jacob
Ryan and Erica
Sabrina and Noelle
Tremana and Jarick


Behind the ScenesEdit


  • This is the first time where a vote is unanimous

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