James and Rebecca
Team Profile
Ages James (23)
Rebecca (21)
Hometown Grand Rapids, MI
Relationship Siblings

Season 1

Placement 8/12
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 10

James and Rebecca Wallington  are a team from Season 1.


Fitness Skills: Former boy scout, fishing, climbing, whitewater rafting
Why they want to win: To pay off their parents’ home.

The HuntEdit

James and Rebecca were caught on the second day of the Hunt by hunt team Ryan and Erica.

When tagged, Rebecca fell to the ground resulting in injuring her ankle. She limped back to the jail cell and when others saw her injury, they thought keeping her in the game would allow future hunt teams to catch them easier. Later we learned that this sibling duo was going to play up the ankle injury for strategy purposes to appear weaker; which ultimately paid off in their favor. At elimination, they were kept in the game being viewed as easy prey.

They used the Advantage Points whenever possible to aid in their gameplay. They sabotaged the Eric and Shane (Episode 4), Rob and Jacob (Episode 5), and used The Looking Glass (Episode 3) to see who was working with the hunters.

They were eliminated in a tie-breaker because they were seen as sneaky and strong strategic players.

Voting HistoryEdit

James and Rebecca's Voting History
Episode James and Rebecca's
Voted Against
James and Rebecca
1 In Jail Tremana and Jarick
2 Tremana and Jarick Safe
3 Ryan and Erica Safe
4 Eric and Shane Safe
5 In Jail Jade and Nikita (x2), Rob and Jacob,
Arlynn and Kirsten
Eliminated, Day 10


  • James appears on AfterBuzz TV co-hosting the Capture AfterShow.



  • James is a reality television enthusiast who frequently appears co-hosting on AfterBuzz TV usually commenting on The Amazing Race or The Biggest Loser AfterShow's.
  • James is adopted.
  • The Lime team was the first team to claim two Advantage Points.
  • The Lime team was the fist team to be captured twice.
  • The Lime team was the first team to use the looking glass.
  • Jacob from The Red team gave them the nickname "The Assasins".