The Advantage is a weapon that can be used to help sabotage another team.

Season 1 Advantage HistroyEdit

Season 1 Advantage History
Episode Advantage User Used Upon
Hunger Strike An alarm will sound and lights will flash on the
sabotaged team for the duration of the hunt.
ChrisandNick EricandShane
The Blue Devils The sabotaged team will have to wear 20 pound weight
belts for the duration of the following hunt.
MattandKaliesha SabrinaandNoelle
Angel with a Broken Wing An alarm will sound and lights will flash on the
sabotaged team. They can however pass this to another team.
JamesandRebecca EricandShane
Double Jeopardy The hunt team will have a compass that points in the
direction of the sabotaged team.
JamesandRebecca RobandJacob
Reversal of Fortune The team who gets the advantage has the opportunity
to overthrow the Hunt team
NikitaandJade ChrisandNick
Call of the Wild The team can sabotage another team by forcing them
to be tethered together for the remained of the hunt.
SabrinaandNoelle MattandKaliesha
The Peanut Butter Pact One member of the sabotaged team must wear an altitude
mask, this makes breathing difficult.
NikitaandJade AntoineandKareem
Sabotage! The sabotaged team will be confined to a small area for the remainder of the hunt. AntoineandKareem MattandKaliesha
The sabotaged team will detonate land mines if the set foot in certain areas, showing the hunt team their location. AntoineandKareem MattandKaliesha


  • There was no advantage in the first episode, the advantage first appeared in the following episode, Hunger Strike.
  • Eric and Shane have been sabotaged the most, being sabotaged twice.
    • Eric and Shane were the first team to be eliminated after being sabotaged.
  • James and Rebecca have used the advantage the most, using it twice.

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